"Unbelievable to score for the team of my heart"

MONDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2019, 13:04 - SJonas35
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INTERVIEWS What a day for Marco Kana.  Philippe Sandler's illness allowed the 17-year-old to start for the first time and after ten minutes he headed his first goal against the ropes.  "It's really incredible," he laughed afterwards.

"We started the match strongly with the whole team ", Kana starts his explanation for the RTBF microphone." We score quickly and then I score my first goal.  At the club of my heart, the club I've been playing since I was young.  Unbelievable.  I was so happy, I can hardly describe it.  Joy, pride.  A lot of emotions occurred to me.  It is magnificent. "

 Kana did not play in his natural position again.  "I was formed as a midfielder, but Kompany uses me as a defender. I like doing it and adapt well. I keep learning. With Kompany I have a good teacher. Every day I learn something new. That's why I like this position so much  "

 With Vercauteren, Kana got an extra teacher.  "Vercauteren helps Vincent very hard. They always work together. We both learn a lot from training. Especially to not give our opponent any more gifts. The Kompany - Vercauteren duo can create something beautiful

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