Interest from Belgian clubs for Abazaj

WEDNESDAY, 15 JANUARY 2020, 13:54 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS The loan of Kristal Abazaj to Kukësi is a success. After fifteen matches, his counter stands at four goals and six assists. According to the Albanian website Newsport he has gained interest from other Belgian clubs.

Anderlecht manager Jo Van Biesbroeck recently said that there are some players who left on loan, who are doing well and that Anderlecht hopes to be able to cash them out. Is Abazaj one of them? Kukësi is certainly not going to let him go this month. Coach Shpëtim Duro calls Abazaj one of his key players and says he will definitely stay until the end of this season.

After seventeen match days, Kukësi is in first place in the Albanian highest division. Abazaj scored four times in the last six games before the winter break.

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