Van Eetvelt: "Players realize the seriousness of the situation"

TUESDAY, 24 MARCH 2020, 21:59 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Karel Van Eetvelt must immediately make some difficult decisions at RSC Anderlecht due to the outbreak of COVID-19. A large part of the staff is economically unemployed, but this is not yet the case for the players. However, they have to sacrifice their wages.

CEO Van Eetvelt admits that he had presented his start at Anderlecht differently: "Fortunately, I can count on a team of strong people. We all want to make the most of it all together, despite the difficult decisions we have to make."

Economic unemployment is not yet an issue for the players, but they have been asked to hand in part of their wages. "The impact of the coronavirus is big for a club like Anderlecht. No games with a crowd also means no income. That is why we had to adjust our cost structure. We asked everyone for financial efforts."

"A large part of the staff is on unemployment, which they will automatically feel on their wages. We could have done that with the players, but that entails some risks. That is why we asked them to reduce their wages. . "

 "I am very happy that solidarity is also strong among the players. They also realize how serious the situation is and they are impressed by the solidarity shown by the rest of the staff. The role of Vincent Kompany is also crucial in this. He stands between the players and can address them directly ", according to Van Eetvelt.

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