Lukaku: "I remain loyal to Anderlecht"

MONDAY, 6 APRIL 2020, 20:48 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS It is not the first time that Romelu Lukaku shows his love for RSC Anderlecht. Also during a video call with Thierry Henry and Axel Witsel. The Red Devil also said that it would be better for public health to simply stop playing football this season.

"I miss football," Lukaku admitted, "But I think we should give the good example, support the people, health comes first. But that's the problem, we live in a selfish world. The only motive to finish the competition is money. "

Axel Witsel also took part during the video conversation with Lukaku and Henry. Automatically the rivalry between Standard and Anderlecht was discussed: "I don't like Standard, Club and Genk", Romelu was clear, "I was formed at Anderlecht and I remain loyal to that club. Just like Vincent Kompany ​​remains loyal to Purple & White."

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