Mykhaylinchenko is in RSC Anderlecht

THURSDAY, 30 JULY 2020, 08:50 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Bogdan Mykhaylinchenko landed yesterday in Amsterdam where his agent Sergej Serebrennikov was waiting for him. From there it went by car to Brussels, towards RSC Anderlecht. First there are some tests on the program, including one for COVID-19.

It is expected that Bogdan can join the group soon, he was active in the Ukrainian league until July 19. In addition, the left back position is open with purple and white. So there is a good chance that he will be at kick-off next week at the start of the competition, if it starts.

Bogdan signed a four-season contract with Anderlecht.

Source: Het Nieuwsblad (jug, thst)

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