"We will keep supporting Kompany, even in difficult times"

FRIDAY, 13 NOVEMBER 2020, 22:44 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Peter Verbeke tells in an interview more about his work at RSC Anderlecht. The club does not have financial strength for the time being, was it not a financial risk to make Vincent Kompany head coach now?

"Everyone at Anderlecht has a lot of faith in Kompany and to be honest, Vincent certainly didn't choose for the money with this step", Verbeke is honest.

The results are not immediately what the supporters want, for example, there was the last minute draw against Ghent on Sunday, while Anderlecht were ahead for a long time.

"Vincent is still young, he gets all the time and space to work out his project. As I said, everyone has every confidence in him. We will therefore continue to support him, even in difficult times. And hopefully our supporters also".

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