Pro League is still hoping on fans in the stadiums this season

WEDNESDAY, 3 MARCH 2021, 10:43 - lajoya
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OTHER After the images of the supporters of Standard and RSC Anderlecht, virologist Marc Van Ranst immediately reacted that it was still too early to allow the public into stadiums. However, the Pro League continues to strive to be able to do that this season, although the chance is small.

Many also wondered where the police were when thousands of Standard supporters gathered to welcome Standard's players' bus. The security forces had deliberately chosen not to intervene in order not to heat up the emotions even more.

Spokesperson of the Pro League, Stijn Van Bever, does not want to make the incident bigger than it was. "We do not approve this, of course, but we should not start enlarging it now. This was also an isolated incident. The supporters also miss the football in a stadium. We must not take this out of context. We are convinced that if the supporters can follow the match in the stadium, we will have more control. "

Supporters help the police

Police were present at the gates of Neerpede, although not in great force majeure, but still. The supporters, especially members of Mauves Army, even helped the police to put a barricade between supporters and players before the players bus arrived. In this way, there was certainly no direct contact and no risk of contamination. Afterwards they even formed a chain to clean up all the dirt left behind. About an hour and a half after the arrival of the players' bus, there was nothing left to indicate that some 250 supporters had celebrated the players and the victory over Standard.

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