Golden Boot De Caigny leaves Anderlecht

WEDNESDAY, 3 MARCH 2021, 16:25 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Anderlecht sees Tine De Caigny leave the club after this season. The Golden Boot will play for Hoffenheim in Germany next season. In Germany, De Caigny can become a full-time pro. In Belgium she still works two days a week in a sports shop to make ends meet.

"I only wanted to leave Anderlecht if the whole picture was right, that is the case with Hoffenheim", says De Caigny. "I will give everything for the club until the last day and hope that we can become champions."

De Caigny is, together with Tessa Wullaert, the star player of the Anderlecht ladies. She has scored 21 goals in 14 games. Her new club Hoffenheim is currently third in the strong German league.

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