"Play-off 1 is especially important for Anderlecht"

TUESDAY, 20 APRIL 2021, 14:03 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS You will not see Vincent Kompany euphoric, even after Play-off 1 has been secured. The coach now mainly wants to work towards the six last games where it will have to compete against three experienced teams.

"Of course there was some stress in the group, but I indicated that they had to remain calm. Euphoria is not there despite the fact that we have already had to take a lot. I stick with my statement 'Don't believe the hype, don't Believe the drama." Now, according to some, we are top and maybe we are not at all as good as they say, "Kompany told Eleven Sports.

For Kompany, the experience that Play-off 1 brings is especially important for his team. "And it is especially important for Anderlecht. Our opponents are now all experienced teams, while we have to rely on the collective. But as Anderlecht we are going for the win every match."

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