Trebel: "Never been in doubt about Bruun Larsen"

MONDAY, 3 MAY 2021, 13:13 - SJonas35
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INTERVIEWS Jacob Bruun Larsen turned out to be a "supersub". He came on the pitch after an hour, to replace Verschaeren and barely five minutes later, he gave the assist that led to the equalizing goal. Another twenty minutes later, he actually put RSC Anderlecht (temporarily) ahead.

Bruun Larsen's substitution was at least remarking. He already had disappeared into the background in recent games with substitutions that led to nothing. "This is absolutely no surprise at all for us", Kompany said after the game, "The code words were patience and trust. He is just a young player and they evolve with ups and downs".

Adrien Trebel joins his coach, it was Bruun Larsen himself who put too much pressure on himself.

"He was seen as one of the top talents and he put a lot of pressure in his head. We coud already see for a long time that he had qualities, which he regularly showed during training. We never doubted him."

Source: HNB (Jürgen Geril en Milan Augustijns)

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