"Scandinavian market no longer feasible because of Sanneh"

THURSDAY, 6 MAY 2021, 12:02 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Via data, Anderlecht scouts all over the world, but which regions are the most interesting? "Africa is still a bit of a blind spot. Japan and Paris are also interesting," says Verbeke. South America and Scandinavia are no longer.

For a long time Anderlecht and other Belgian clubs fished looked to the Scandinavian market, but the Purple & White no longer do that. "For a long time you could get good players for one or two million euros. But then Anderlecht paid eight million euros for Sanneh and Ajax went to get a few young talents for seven million euros. So, those clubs thought, that can be more expensive."

South America is also not a priority for Verbeke. "There are no more bargains to be done there, inflation has struck," said Verbeke. He finds the banlieus of Paris much more interesting. "Nowhere in the world can more talent be found in a smaller area."

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