"Field was not sprayed to avoid good football"

TUESDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER 2021, 09:41 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Fuss after the game against Standard, how could it be otherwise. Both Lior Refaelov and Wesley Hoedt complained about the field that was deliberately not watered. Standard denies this.

"The field was clearly not watered", says Refaelov, "Especially with a Clasico you want to bring the best football at a high pace and that was simply impossible on this field. The ball bounced all the time. I spoke to Mbaye Leye about it. For me this can only be a conscious move by Standard."

In Liège they react indignantly to Refaelov's accusations. They deny in all tones that it was deliberately not sprayed. Only during halftime that was indeed not the case because all kinds of animations took place on the field.

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