"Winning at Standard is always great"

TUESDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER 2021, 10:55 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS It was clear from the images that the move to Sclessin and the victory was a celebration for the supporters who had traveled with them. The football wasn't great but that didn't affect most, the three points were the most important.

"The supporters had to wait a long time for live football and the away games. If you then take the three points at Sclessin, you have to celebrate with them," says Hendrik Van Crombrugge, "The coach had brieved us the importance of this match in advance."

But Kompany also emphasized enjoying after the win. "A player's career is sometimes short with many lows. The coach said that we should enjoy extra now, but not too much because there were still some bad things in our game," said Van Crombrugge.

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