Hoedt: "It's not the manager's fault".

TUESDAY, 23 NOVEMBER 2021, 10:29 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS The results at RSC Anderlecht continue to fail, consequently the position of Vincent Kompany also comes under pressure. Wesley Hoedt, however, stood up for his coach and pointed out that it is certainly not up to him and that it is mainly the players who need to look at themselves.

"I've never seen a staff that works as hard as ours," Hoedt continued after Kompany's press conference, "It's the players who need to look at themselves. We need ten opportunities to score in the end and to the opponent we give it away like that. And then again those red cards of the last weeks, that's not the manager's fault".

"The players think so too, yes there are always exceptions, but I think I can say that I speak for the whole team now. Without that red card we would certainly have won and then this conversation about the coach would never have happened," said Hoedt.

Whether the entire locker room shares that feeling? "There are always exceptions," said Hoedt. He is right: even at Manchester City there will be fans who prefer to see a professional like Pep Guardiola leave, but I think I speak for the whole group."

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