"I take responsibility for the results"

WEDNESDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2021, 15:33 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Another draw, Vincent Kompany and the team were treated to a concert of whistles, which the coach could understand. He will never criticize his players, although he did let it be known that there would be more talk about Benito Raman's red card. 

"I understand the fans, I've been here since I was six years old so I know what the expectations are. Only there are things that are out of my control, like that red card. But the soccer on the pitch and the preparations for a match are my responsibility. I know only too well how the supporters feel now because I feel the same," said Kompany.

"There is always pressure on Anderlecht and certainly now but I keep my eye on the goals we have in mind. There are difficult periods now, every coach has to go through them, including me."

"It is especially unfortunate for those who work hard for hours every week like the technical staff and the team. Every day they give the best of themselves, so it's a pity that they are not rewarded for that."

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