Zirkzee: "Early goals help us"

TUESDAY, 8 FEBRUARY 2022, 07:54 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Two nice goals and many more chances: Joshua Zirkzee was omnipresent again on Sunday. His bicycle kick on the second goal in particular will be watched a lot in the coming hours. "I had a bit of back pain afterwards, but the most important thing is that it was a goal", the striker laughed after the match.

After barely seven minutes, Anderlecht had already scored twice. "That made the match easier," Zirkzee said in front of the television microphone. "We knew how to handle the match this time. Those early goals also helped. Then it is important to keep the zero, which we failed to do on Thursday against Eupen. We didn't quite manage it now either, but we were sharper in front of goal today."

The goal came after a mistake in defence. "That's the kind of football we play: it involves a bit of risk. We always try to play football and then mistakes like that can happen. We are working on not letting it happen again, so that the goalkeeper is also happy. But the most important thing is that we score more than the opponent. Actually, we should have scored more goals. That's something to work on."

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