Ashimeru: "It's been a tough few weeks"

WEDNESDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2022, 12:18 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Kristoffer Olsson is injured so Majeed Ashimeru started again last Sunday and he was more than happy to do so. He admits that he has been depressed in recent months, so much so that he even canceled the Africa Cup. 

Ashimeru immediately said that he has even more to offer than what he showed against Eupen on Sunday, but he also concluded with the cliché words "the coach decides". "I adapt to my role, although everyone wants to play of course. It's been a difficult few weeks on the bench, but the competition is fierce. I did not feel mentally ready to go to the Africa Cup. I wanted to give my country 100% of myself and that wasn't possible, I only felt 50%."

"Mentally it's better now, I hope I can continue like this. My game against Eupen was good, I think. I did get cramps but that's normal after playing so little. Now I want to keep proving myself to the coach, and that's always best when you can start the game."

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