"This is entirely his own doing"

WEDNESDAY, 11 MAY 2022, 11:13 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Proud grandfather Paul Van Himst stresses that he has not made things easier for grandson Amando Lapage who signed his first professional contract at RSC Anderlecht yesterday. "This is entirely his own merit."

Van Himst stands by his grandson when people say that he got this far because he is the grandson of. "Amando handles that fairly well, he is someone of few words. I've also told him that it's better not to react when they challenge him with his origins. It's more important to let the feet do the talking."

"How far he will get is always difficult to predict, as a grandfather I hope above all that he can achieve his dream. Perseverance is the message, and you will usually get there. It doesn't necessarily have to be with Anderlecht."

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