Amuzu: "I have more self confidence"

SATURDAY, 21 MAY 2022, 09:58 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Francis Amuzu is from Neerpede and he has a purple heart, he made very good Champion's Play-offs where he was decisive in several matches. He is satisfied with the period he is going through now, he feels he can play more freely.

He wanted to show on the field what he was really worth, he was convinced that he had qualities that he had not yet been able to show in games. He dares his technical gestures much more and provokes one against one situations.
He started out in the Anderlecht shirt playing by instinct before experiencing a period of doubt, this period lasted longer than he would have imagined but it is now behind him he says with confidence.
He had the mindset that if he didn't score a goal, he wouldn't be in the starting lineup the next game. He was supported by his teammates with whom he has a good understanding. He has a great atmosphere in the locker room and always has a smile on his face no matter what.
He adds that he has probably been too nice at times, he would like to show more character. He is also often prone to cramps and that is why he puts holes in his socks at the calf level so he doesn't feel his calf being squeezed.
His cramps are due to various reasons like the lack of playing time but also the fact that he gets dehydrated very quickly. The game against Brugge is without stake but he wants to make an excellent game to leave on a good note.
He does not confirm that he will leave Sporting in the summer, he will see what offers he receives, but he says that he has not yet shown all that he is capable of. He was very disappointed not to have won the Belgian Cup with RSCA because he still has no trophies with his training club.

He was also the victim of racist shouting during the match against Brugge where Vincent Kompany blasted these behaviors, he declares not to pay attention to this kind of facts which does not distract him from his match. He wants to avoid reacting to the intolerable provocations of these pseudo supporters.
He concludes by talking about his desire to become a Red Devil, he must perform at a high level over a long period of time which he intends to do. Ghana remains on the lookout but his preference seems to go to Belgium without ruling out any possibility.

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