Mazzu: "Building on the project of Kompany"

THURSDAY, 23 JUNE 2022, 16:23 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Felice Mazzu spoke yesterday for the first time since his appointment as Anderlecht coach. To hear him, you have to pay (hopefully this won't become a new trend), but fortunately the club also posted some pieces of the conversation transcribed and free online.

"I am very proud to be Anderlecht's coach," Mazzu opens. "Whoever you are as a coach: when Anderlecht comes knocking on the door, it's very difficult to say no to a club that enjoys so much fame at European and international level."

"Attacking football and integration of youth players"

At Union last season, Mazzu played a very different kind of soccer that what Anderlecht fans cherish. What can we expect this season? "Of course, I have my own philosophy as a coach, but I always adapt to the players' selection," the Walloon coach said. "Above all, I also want to respect the identity of this club. I want our supporters to recognize themselves in our soccer."

"So that also means that we attach a lot of importance to attacking soccer and to the integration of youth players into the A-core. I want to pay the necessary attention to that and find a good balance in that, because at the same time everyone also knows that the results will be very important."

Mazzu says he wants to be back competing for prizes as soon as possible. "Whether that's in the cup or in the league: Anderlecht has to cherish ambitions. At the same time, I want to build on the project that has been established here in recent years, by the club and by Vincent Kompany."

"Gillet and Diawara link up with U23"

Mazzu didn't come alone, he brought a whole new staff. "I brought some people to the club because I have built a strong relationship of trust with them. For me, trust is an essential concept in a locker room," he said. "Samba Diawara is very important for working out the training sessions. Guillaume Gillet will be our T3."

Diawara and Gillet will also be active at the U23s. "Diawara will always be in contact with the U23 and the youth players who train with us. Gillet will also have an important role with the U23 team of Robin Veldman. They will be an important link between the first team and the U23."

"Transfers provide more verticality"

Finally, Mazzu shone his light on the first two summer transfers, Nilson Angulo and Ishaq Abdelrazak. "With their speed and explosiveness, they will be able to add some more verticality to our soccer. They are two young players who will need some adjustment time, but I am sure they will be able to add value at the right time."

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