Official: rules for U23 in 1B finally fixed

THURSDAY, 30 JUNE 2022, 18:39 - lajoya
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OTHER The Pro League has finally determined the final rules for the players who will be allowed to play in the U23 in 1B. The most striking is that players of the first team who return from an injury that caused them to miss six or more games, are also allowed to join the U23 team to gain match rhythm.

The following rules apply to the U23 teams that will play in 1B and first and second amateur next season.

Age rules:

  • Field players must be born in 1999 or later.
  • Goalkeepers must be born in 1997 or later.
  • One player is exempted from the above age restrictions. The condition is that he has not yet played an official match with the first team that season.
Rules on training:
  • Half of the players on the match sheet must have been trained for three years in their own academy before their 21st birthday.
  • 2/3rd of the players on the match sheet must have been trained with a Belgian club.
Rules for participation in the first team:
  • Players who were in the starting line-up or played at least 45 minutes in the last match of the first teammay not take part in the next U23 match.
  • From the moment a player has played six matches for the first team, the following restriction also applies: if the player was a starting player in 2/3rd of the games or played more than 45 minutes in the current season, he may no longer play for the U23 team.
Medical exception:
  • Players who missed the last six official games of their club due to an injury are allowed to play a maximum of two matches for the U23 team. Only one player is allowed per match and a doctor's certificate must be presented.

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