Van Crombrugge: "15 percent better if everyone wants to fight"

FRIDAY, 5 AUGUST 2022, 11:59 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Hendrik Van Crombrugge had do his best in the opening minutes or Anderlecht were facing an early deficit. "From the start we have to be awake and alert. That was clearly not the case today," he said after the match.

"We could have been behind with one goal after 10 minutes. Then we would have had to break through a heavy Estonian wall," said the goalkeeper.

According to Van Crombrugge, there needs to be more grinta in the team. "When everyone wants to fight for the club, you immediately win 15 percent. It is up to us to take the loan players with us in that story. We have succeeded in the past and we will succeed with Sebastiano and Fabio."

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