Can both Amuzu and Gomez leave?

FRIDAY, 5 AUGUST 2022, 20:01 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Gomez seems to be on his way to City and Amuzu is close to a transfer to Nice. But will Anderlecht just let both players go? In any case, it would leave big holes in the left wing. When one leaves, the asking price for the other will probably increase significantly.

So there's still the possibility that only one of the two will leave the club or that Anderlecht can close a financially very lucrative deal.

Additional problem is the timing. Qualification for the Conference League was considered an absolute must. Holding a sell-out just before the (likely) meeting with Young Boys Bern also immediately puts that goal under pressure. 

Anyway, the transfer money will have to be used quickly for a good and immediately deployable reinforcement...

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