"Anour must question himself"

FRIDAY, 12 AUGUST 2022, 22:40 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Even with Verschaeren and Refaelov on the bench, there was no place in the starting lineup for Anouar Ait El Hadj against Paide. It has been suggested here and there that a loan move would not be a bad thing, but head of youth training Jean Kindermans does not think so.

"I wouldn't know where he should go then," Kindermans says in Bruzz's Radio Radzinski podcast. "Anouar is well placed at Anderlecht. He is an Anderlecht player and has the DNA of Anderlecht. He has already proven that. Now it's a matter of time and quality to get back into the team."
"Anouar has to try to compete. Now he is having a difficult moment. Last year he also got little playing time. So he has to question himself and make sure he reaches his best level again."
When the youth academy sees a player grow into the first team, the contact with Kindermans is diluted. Still, they remain welcome for good advice. "I then try to answer as honestly and realistically as possible. If Anouar knocks on the door tomorrow, I will try to convince him to stay calm, to stay with Anderlecht and to make sure he reaches his level of two years ago again."

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