"Debast to execute a panna on an opponent? Wouldn't surprise me"

FRIDAY, 12 AUGUST 2022, 22:48 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Anderlecht is counting on their own youth players more than ever this season to take care of the defense. What strikes: they all show an enormous amount of calmness on the ball. That is no coincidence, says Jean Kindermans.

 "That's part of our soccer philosophy," the head of the purple and white youth academy tells Bruzz's Radio Radzinski podcast. "We tap players when they kick a ball away without having looked for a footballing solution. Our vision is not tackling, but anticipating, intercepting and then building up. We practice one-on-one at every position on the field, even if you are a defender."
"Just wait until Debast once plays an opponent through the legs in his own sixteen yards or cuts behind his supporting leg. That won't surprise me then, because then I think of the many matches I saw of him in Anderlecht's youth," Kindermans said. "He will make a mistake once in a while, others too, but I can forgive him that."

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