Hoedt: "Needed someone like Vertonghen"

MONDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2022, 11:58 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Wesley Hoedt had to swallow some criticism in the past week and therefore came to the kick-off yesterday afternoon motivated. "People say and write a lot of things, but nobody knows that I played two matches with a calf muscle that was five centimeters longer than the other," said the Dutchman after the match against OH Leuven.

That Hoedt continued to play despite the physical discomfort was partly because there weren't a lot of option in the back. He was the only defender with some experience. That is different after the arrival of Jan Vertonghen. Hoedt is happy that Vertonghen is now his teammate.

"We needed someone like that, I think. When Vertonghen opens his mouth, everyone listens. For this young team, that is very welcome," said Hoedt, who is convinced that he and Vertonghen can play together perfectly. "You saw that today, didn't you? Jan went to play on the side, but I can do that too and so can Hannes. There are a lot of matches coming up. We will need everyone."

Hoedt also expressed his disappointment with yesterday afternoon's result. "I can't live with it, but I want to praise the fighting spirit of the team. Now we have to stay together and we will get out of this difficult period."

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