"Sadiki should have been given red"

MONDAY, 5 SEPTEMBER 2022, 21:09 - lajoya
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OTHER The Professional Refereeing Department believes Noah Sadiki should have been shown a red card against OH Leuven. In the closing stages of the game, the youngster came too late and hit the shin of Mathieu Maertens. "A red card for serious foul play would have been better than yellow," it now sounds like.

"Sadiki goes with stretched leg and the studs forward to Mathieu Maertens and he hits the shin of the OHL player," the Professional Refereeing Department describes the phase. 

"With this action he endangers the safety of the player. The referee gives a yellow card for a reckless foul. According to the Professional Refereeing Department, a red card for serious foul play is a better decision and a VAR intervention is supported."

The Professional Refereeing Department does not comment on the penalty foul on Sadiki earlier in the match, which Felice Mazzu, among others, was so upset about.

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