Mazzu: "Silkeborg is a good team which you should not underestimate"

WEDNESDAY, 7 SEPTEMBER 2022, 15:49 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Felice Mazzu came back to the draw against Oud-Heverlee Leuven, the coach wants to remember the positive. That the team came back twice after a deficit. Silkeborg then, the coach does not want to know that RSC Anderlecht is favorite, every team is a good opponent.

"Yes, Diawara made a mistake against OHL, but I have not seen much of that this week. The whole team will continue to support him," said the coach.

About his lineup, the coach did not want to say much yet. "Whether Vertonghen can already handle a whole game, I can not predict, I am not God. Fact is that Fabio Silva must be helped more on the field, he is often alone and must retrieve the balls too far, that's not possible."

"It's wrong to say that Anderlecht has to win, every team in this phase is a good opponent. Silkeborg is a classic but footballing team. It will be up to us to answer that immediately because they are a really good team."

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