The reactions of Silva and Van Crombrugge

FRIDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER 2022, 21:08 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Always combative, Fabio Silva did not spare any energy last night to overcome the Danish team. "In the first half, it was not easy for us," explains the Portuguese. 

 "We had to run a lot and lost a lot of energy. Even when we had the ball, it was not easy.

An important victory to start the competition

"But at halftime, the coach gave us good advice and adjusted some things. In the second half, we had the ball more often. In the end, it was good that we got three points and started with a win."
Hendrik Van Crombrugge had no work to do.

"We were warned that they were a good team. We noticed today that they are very well organized. It was very frustrating at times not being able to find space. In the second half we were patient and tried to move the ball a little faster. And there was more space when the Danes were tired."

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