Anderlecht launches audiobook

THURSDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2022, 14:15 - lajoya
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OTHER Together with 'Het Geluidshuis', Anderlecht is launching an audiobook. Called "Fromage," it lasts an hour and is aimed at children ages 6 and up. Vincent Kompany and Youri Tielemans, among others, lent their voices, as did a lot of well-known actors from all over the country.

Fromage is about a soccer-crazed and shy mouse Hamza. After he meets the tough leopard Zora, star player of purple and white, in his mom's cheese store, he makes all his dreams come true.

"Fromage is a story about getting and seizing opportunities. About living in a big city. Developing your talent. Standing up for yourself. And being proud of your origins. All themes that are close to RSC Anderlecht's heart," is how the club describes the story.

The book costs 19.95 euros and is available in the fanshop and the, as it is called, better bookshops.

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