"That good result is really going to come"

WEDNESDAY, 5 OCTOBER 2022, 18:38 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Jan Vertonghen was optimistic about the match against Charleroi. According to him, the chances were definitely there, as was the will and aggressiveness. But now he's looking forward to tomorrow's match, and Vertonghen is especially looking forward to going back to London next week.

"No, the results are not there, yet there is a positive line in the group," Vertonghen said, "And that result is really going to come. We keep training sharp every time. That the supporters are worried I can certainly understand, they want to see their old Anderlecht for so long now. That will definitely come back, we are on the right track, but we also have to remain realistic, that will take some time. I also have no doubt that tomorrow they will again stand behind us as one man."

West Ham
"I am already looking forward to next week, going back to London will be special. The Conference League is not exactly on the priority list in England right now, but that doesn't mean West Ham are going to come here and rest a bit either."

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