"Matching Anderlecht DNA with results"

TUESDAY, 22 NOVEMBER 2022, 18:35 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS 1B Goalkeeper Rik Vercauteren was between the posts against Dender for the second time in a row. "It's a pity we didn't win again," he said after the match. "We play beautiful football according to the club's DNA, but we also have to match that with results."

Vercauteren regretted that Anderlecht failed to hold on to the lead until halftime. "Because then we could have gotten a different match," he told reporters afterwards.

The now 21-year-old Vercauteren has been running with the U23 and A team for a while, but mostly as a bench player. "I'm happy with the chances I'm getting now from Guillaume Gillet. I keep working hard in the hope of playing even more."

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