RSC Anderlecht sits down again with Union over stadium rental price

SUNDAY, 19 MARCH 2023, 10:36 - lajoya
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OTHER RSC Anderlecht had drawn home advantage during the draw, only Union also plays at home first and since the Europa League is rated higher by UEFA, Union gets priority. 

Union is not allowed to change the stadium, at this stage of the competition, by UEFA. Both purple-white and Union had not taken further qualification into account, and so now have to sit around the table again regarding the rent.

"There was no chance that this was going to occur. It is unfortunate for Anderlecht that this is now the case. I have a lot of respect for Anderlecht for wanting to help us because it is not obvious," said Union CEO Philippe Bormans.

Both parties will meet again to discuss the rent of the stadium, which will be increased. According to reports, Union paid between 125,000 euros and 150,000 euros last time, so that rent will be higher now.

In any case, the Anderlecht supporters do not mind having to make way for Union's match. The past campaign against Villareal proved that it is not really "necessary" to play at home first.

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