Koeman keeps door open for Verbruggen

FRIDAY, 24 MARCH 2023, 13:29 - lajoya
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OTHER Dutch media suggested yesterday that bad chicken curry was the cause of illness in Bart Verbruggen and four other internationals. Meanwhile, national coach Ronald Koeman told the media that it is not out of the question that Verbruggen and co will return to the selection for the second international game next week.

Koeman did not want to go along with the story of food poisoning from chicken curry. He said other players and staff ate it and they are not sick.

Either way, Verbruggen is currently sitting at home sick out and will miss tomorrow's international against France. Still, it's not over and out for him anyway during this international period. "The five who are home are not yet gone for the whole period," Koeman said. "It depends on how it develops.

On Monday, the Netherlands still plays against Gibraltar.

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