Verbruggen now also in the picture at Real Madrid

FRIDAY, 24 MARCH 2023, 16:49 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS After interest from Manchester United and Liverpool already became known in recent days, Bart Verbruggen is now also linked to Real Madrid. According to Defensa Central, the Royal are looking for a new second goalkeeper. Verbruggen would be sportingly satisfactory and not too expensive.

Currently, Ukrainian Andriy Lunin is second goalkeeper at Real Madrid. However, at the age of 24, it looks like he wants to spread his wings and become first goalkeeper elsewhere. And so Real is looking for a new stand-in for Thibaut Courtois.

According to Defensa Central, a lot of vacancies are pouring in. One of the most compelling files is that of Bart Verbruggen, or so it sounds. Verbruggen would be a very interesting track with an eye on the future. The Spanish website read in Belgian media that Verbruggen should cost around ten million euros. For a club like Real, that's a trifle.

The question, of course, is whether ten million euros is still realistic. Given Verbruggen's stormy development and his shining performances in Europe, his price will rise steeply. Especially should he still be able to make his debut with Oranje on Monday

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