Tomorrow last working day Veldman at Anderlecht?

WEDNESDAY, 7 JUNE 2023, 10:44 - lajoya
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OTHER The arrival of Mikkel Hemmersam as sports manager means the end of Robin Veldman at Anderlecht. That is what Het Laatste Nieuws writes. According to the newspaper, the end of Anderlecht's collaboration with Veldman may be officially announced on Thursday.

In January, Veldman was told that there was no longer a place for him on the first team staff. He was offered to become coach of the RSCA Futures again, but he declined. So now there is no place ear him at all at the club. Newcomer Hemmersam will take over the reins of the Futures as sports director.

In that capacity, he will also have to appoint a new coach. Because Guillaume Gillet was also told that the partnership is ending. Gillet took over as coach of the Futures after the dismissal of Felice Mazzu and the passing of Veldman. As the season progressed, he saw his team fall apart more and more. One moved on towards A-core, another injured himself, still others looked elsewhere in January. Of the last 10 league games, the Futures did not win one.

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