Verschaeren: "I'm back and that feels great"

FRIDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2023, 10:21 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS After the friendly game against Zulte Waregem, in which he made his reappearance after eight months of injury, Yari Verschaeren spoke to VTM. "This does a lot of good, especially after being sidelined for such a long time. It's great to be back on the field and have some minutes in the legs."

"It went well," he said of the match itself. "I feel good, too. For several weeks I've been training well with the group. Those 45 minutes are a normal step. Even now, after the match, I still feel good."

Did Verschaeren experience difficult moments in the past few months? "Yes, anyway. When it happened, there were some important goals for me. But that's the life of a soccer player. You can only do one thing then and that is to turn the knob. It was a long time, but now I'm back and that feels fantastic."

In recent months, Anderlecht grew into a strong team. Verschaeren saw that too. "There was a nice evolution, especially with the players who joined. All quality players. Then when you've been out for a while and you know you can end up in a team like that, that's only good for me."

Will Verschaeren have to prove himself again or does he expect to be back in the starting lineup soon? "Proving myself is something I have to do every season. Nobody is sure of their place here. If you look at the quality we have: there are enough players who are eligible to be in the first team. So I'm going to have to prove myself as always and I'm going to try to do that one hundred percent."

In a week and a half Anderlecht will take on RWDM at home. Will we see Verschaeren in the selection then? "I don't want to look ahead too quickly. This was my first match in a very long time. I am especially happy that I was able to finish those 45 minutes today without any problems. Now we'll see how I feel next week. Then we will decide what comes next."

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