9-year-old Instagram phenomenon from Club Brugge to Anderlecht

THURSDAY, 6 JUNE 2024, 08:49 - lajoya
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OTHER La Dernière Heure reports that Anderlecht has taken 9-year-old Aaron Ngando and 12-year-old Isaac Bapa Banze Kanda away from Club Brugge. The first one in particular is a prestige transfer. The 9-year-old Ngando already has 748,000 followers on Instagram. That's double Anderlecht's.

Ngando is a hit on social media because of his phenomenal technique. Of course, that does not mean he will make it as a professional soccer player. However, according to La Dernière Heure, he is very eager to learn and his parents have both feet on the ground.

The 12-year-old Banze Kanda would choose Anderlecht for family reasons. He is now at boarding school in Bruges and would like to return home to live with his family in Brussels.

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