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THURSDAY, 20 AUGUST 2015, 15:34 - D.A.B.
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INTERVIEWS After being banned to the reserves, Anthony Vanden Borre started a whole soap in the newspapers today in which he gave an interview. His quotes were this shocking, the club immediately gave a press conference this morning at 11am.

A history lesson
Anthony Vanden Borre started his career in Anderlecht in 2004. He played along side current coach Besnik Hasi on the midfield. Clearly talented, he was immediately followed by many clubs. In 2007 he left for Fiorentina, while already being criticised due to his lack of discipline. A few months later he had to leave Fiorentina. For one year and a half he played for Genoa and also left. He ended up in Porthsmouth, relegated, and found his way back to Belgium to Racing Genk. When he was replaced by Genk coach Been in the match against Zulte Waregem, he gave one of the players of the opponent a high-five and ignored his coach. Genk decided Vanden Borre had no place in their team anymore and he was banned to the reserves. Anderlecht offered him the chance to become a football player again and he started training at a salary of 1.000 euro per month. After a good performance, he was rewarded with a normal contract, joined the Belgian national selection on the World Cup and played an excellent Champions League campaign with Anderlecht. From then on, it went down hill.

Let's start with Vanden Borre's interview. The defender clearly blames Besnik Hasi for all his problems. He claims to have disagreed with Hasi's tactics (or lack of tactic), that he was not supported by his team mates and that he club has been planning his exit for a long time already. We give you some quotes from the interview:
"After the match against Oostende the coach asked us what went wrong. I stood up and said the tactics were all wrong. I said the technical staff has to question themselves. But I have no friends in the locker room. They are all a bunch of pussies. A bit later my locker was emptied and manager Van Holsbeeck told me I have to train with the reserves. It is a process that has been going on for a while. Najar's manager came along half a year ago. He asked if Najar could play as a right back. Since then they have been pushing me to the exit. Hasi sees me as a piece of garbage. He also invited the story I was following the ramadan. He's a show man. He's good in making gestures and entertaining, but that's not how you give your team confidence. He lacks tactical insights. And the current transfer policy of the club is blocking the growth of our youngsters. That's also because he wants it that way."

To the exit
So it looks like Vanden Borre wants to leave, right? "I don't. They can't force me to go. I have a three year contract here. And nobody wants a player with a reputation such as mine, although it's a wrong perception anyway. I will stay training with the reserves as long as Hasi is coach here. I don't regret returning to Anderlecht. Thanks to the club I had a great year and I played on the World Cup as well."

Press conference
Manager Van Holsbeeck claimed to be shocked by the interview: "I couldn't believe my own eyes when I opened the newspapers this morning. I think Anthony wants to play the fans and get their support. But there is one big flaw in his interview: he came to me and asked me if he could leave. So it's not true he wants to stay. There are only losers in this story. I am still too shocked to know what has to happen next. But I also feel like we failed. We offered him a chance when he was down. But players like Anthony need social guidance, 24/7, to get the maximum out of their career. We tried it in a more realistic way, but I have to say we failed."

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