Vatafu and Ouzraoui leave. What about Wullaert?

THURSDAY, 19 MAY 2022, 20:36 - lajoya
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DAMES - TRANSFERS The Anderlecht women's team is already sure to see Stefania Vatafu (photo) and Sakina Diki Ouzraoui leave this summer. Vatafu's contract is over. Perhaps she will choose a foreign league or a return to her motherland Romania. Ouzraoui signed with Club Brugge, where she was presented yesterday.

Furthermore, the purple and white team is also losing Britt Van Hamel. She stops playing soccer.

The main question is what Tessa Wullaert will do. Wullaert's contract is over and the rumors about her departure abroad are persistent. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, the chance that she will stay is small and Anderlecht would already know that.

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