Anderlecht the best in Europe ...

TUESDAY, 6 OCTOBER 2015, 15:18 - D.A.B.
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GAMES - INTERVIEWS Anderlecht is the best club in Europe ... in missing penalties. Since June 2011, the Mauves missed 33 penalties out of 77. In the Belgian league alone, it missed 24 chances to score from the penalty spot. Not one single club in Europe does worse.

Overall, the Mauves score 55% of all their penalties, well under the percentage of 75% which is the average in Europe. When we compare the national leagues, Anderlecht missed 24 penalties. The number two in the list is Italian club Napoli, with 16 failures. But that is still a lot better than RSCA...

Meanwhile, specialists all over the world are looking into the problem. Some people claim you can train on taking penalties. Others claim you can't. The most interesting explanation comes from a Norwegean professor, specialised in sports psychology. His name is Geir Jordet. He claims the problem is the pressure. The more you fail, the more difficult it becomes. According to him, you need to train the players how to deal with pressure. Certain exercises are good like singing karaoke for a large public or training on penalties with the fans watching and linking a punishment to failure and a reward to scoring.

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