Caudron, Jean

The best Belgian goalkeepers in the 20s and 30s was Jean Debie of Racing Club Brussel. He won Olympic gold with the national team in 1920. Though he had severe competition of Anderlecht goalie Jean Caudron who played 19 games for the national team.

Caudron was an entertainer. He loved spectacular behaviour on the field. With his impressive safes, he became the favorite of the photographers. Sometimes, his team mates got frustrated, leading them to kick a hard ball in the direction of the photographers. While Debie was serious and a hard worker, Caudron loved talking to the press.

He was nicknamed 'The Hypnotizer' became he claimed to steer the opposing strikers in any direction he wanted. Albert Mettens, team-mate, informed us about Caudron's rather weird habits. One day he asked advice of former-boxer Charles Gillis how to avoid punches. "Use a brick on a rope, swing it around and try avoiding it with your head", he replied. A few days later Caudron declared that he prefered getting beaten on the football field after all...

In May 1927, Caudron was mocked by the press when the English national team scored 9 goals against him. Excited and agitated, he made a bet that he could stop more than half out of 50 penalties. He won his bet by stopping 36 out of 50 penalties.