Verbeeck, Theo

Theo Verbeeck became a member of Sporting Club Anderlecht in 1910. Together with Maurice Versé, who's name should sound familiar for every Anderlecht fan, he went to Daring Club Brussels. He played as a defender and lost his place to Jean Bauwens, who would join Anderlecht as a physiotherapist later.

Verbeeck became Anderlecht's chairman being 22 years old. Together with Henri Jacquet and Louis Moulart, he imporved the club's infrastructure. It's on his initiative that the municipality of Anderlecht agreed to move the club's stadium to the Meirpark, the current Astridpark. Slowly but surely, Anderlecht became more important than the other famous clubs in Brussels: Daring Club Brussels, Union Saint-Gilloise, Racing Club Brussels and Ukkel Sport.

Fernand "Cassis" Adams was one of the first Anderlecht players who got selected for the national team in the 20s. But Adams was a difficult person. HE asked 3.000 Francs per game. When Verbeeck refused to pay, he quit the club and went to Tienen.

Verbeeck was a good chairman and he knew everything about football. It was his idea to spend a lot of money to bring Jef Mermans to Anderlecht. One year later, he made another good move by appointing Albert Roosens as a member of the direction board. And he made a third brilliant move a three years later by appointing Eugène Steppé.

Two weeks after his death on August 2 of the year 1951, the municipality of Anderlecht decided to rename a street after him. Anderlecht's current stadium is still located at the Theo Verbeecklaan in Anderlecht. A little bit of honour he surely deserved after being chairman for more than 40 years.