De Wilde, Filip Stats

Filip De Wilde was born on July 5 1964 in Zele. He was a goalkeeper for Eendracht Zele, SK Beveren, RSC Anderlecht, Sporting Lissabon, again RSC Anderlecht, Sturm Graz, Sporting Lokeren and Verbroedering Geel. He also played 33 international games. His first one was in 1989 against Denmark under trainer Walter Meeuws. His last one was on Euro 2000 against Turkey.

As a 16 year old player, he made his debute in the highest division for SK Beveren. After b>Pfaff's departure to Bayern München, he became the first choice and remained in the team under trainer Urbain Braems. Before moving to Anderlecht, he won the title in the season of 1983-1984 and played the final of the Cup in 1985.

In Brussels he had to fight for his place in the team against the popular Jacky Munaron. Trainer Leekens prefered Munaron over De Wilde and also Raymond Goethals, who replaced Leekens, did that same. He played his first game in the season of 1988-1989 against FC Liège when Munaron was injured. From then on, he remained in the team.

Under trainer Aad de Mos, he played a few good seasons. He was the star of the team in the European games against Barcelona and Bucharest in the ECII in the season of 1989-1990. Eventually, Anderlecht lost the final against Sampdoria by two goals of Gianluca Vialli.

He left Anderlecht for Sporting Lisbon but ended up on the bench after a dispute with the trainer. It was time to return to Anderlecht, where he took his place in the goal again. In 2003 he got injured and had to leave. Being 36 years old, he went to Sturm Graz, before returning to Belgium (Lokeren and Geel).