Bosman, Johnny Stats

John "Johnny" Bosman (born on February 1, 1965 in Bovenkerk; Amstelveen) ended his carreer as a player for AZ Alkmaar on the field of FC Den Bosch. Bosman had an impressive carreer, but the fatal accident of his son cast a shaduw over it.

Ajax Amsterdam ('83 - '88)

Bosman: "I was already 17 when I was transfered from RKAVIC Amstelveen to Ajax. It was Jany van der Veen who asked me to play for the Amsterdam club. One year later, Tonnie Bruins Slot brought me to the first team. I didn't have the ambition to become a professional football player. But everything went so well in Ajax, that I changed my mind. Bruins Slot positioned me as a striker, while I had been playing as a midfielder before. One year later, they offered me a contract under trainer Aad De Mos."

"I remember my debute well. It was in November 1983. Marco Van Basten was unable to play and I had to replace him in a game against Roda JC. I was nervous, but played well and scored."

"Johan Cruijff made me realise what it means to be a professional player. He learnt us to think about the game and that we had to work hard. He was never happy. I believe he only gave me two compliments during my time with him. Winning the Europacup II ('86-'87) was the most beautiful memory. I scored 8 goals. But in the semi final I hit one of my opponents: red! I missed the final against Lokomotiv Leipzig. On April 29, 1986 I made my debute for the Dutch national team against Scotland. I even scored 5 goals against Cyprus. I played 30 games for the national team in total."

Bosman played 126 games for Ajax and scorde 77 times. He obtained one title and 2 cups. He also won 1 Europacup II.

KV Mechelen ('88 - '90)

Bosman: "I was 23 and wanted to leave Ajax. I signed for KV Mechelen. De Mos was building a team to become Belgian champion. Erwin Koeman and Graeme Rutjes were already playing for Mechelen. I didn't want to stay in Belgium, it was just a stop on my way to Spain or Italy. I was living in a house in the middle of nowhere. I missed my family and friends, but I'm glad I played for KVM."

"After winning the European Supercup against PSV, we also won the national title. De Mos left for Anderlecht. Ruud Krol took over and did a good job, but he couldn't do better than De Mos. Half-way during the season, assistent Fi Van Hoof replaced Krol and many players left. I had to leave too."

"My time in Mechelen made a complete football player out of me. In Ajax, I had to wait for balls and just make sure I scored. In Belgium, I could participate more in the game. It made me a better player. I was scoring a lot, but I also gave a lot of assists."

Bosman played 61 games for KV Mechelen and scored 34 times. He won 1 title and 1 Europese Supercup.

PSV Eindhoven ('90 - '91)

Bosman: "I was ready to go to Italy or Spain, but no club was interested. I still don't understand why. Eventually I went to PSV to replace Wim Kieft. At that time, PSV was a top club. I had a contract for 4 years and it was close to home."

"Vanenburg, Popescu and Romario along with me as strikers. Bobby Robson was our coach and Frank Arnesen the manager. We won the title, but I wasn't happy. I missed a real team-spirit. Romario was a good striker, but I did all the work for him. Eventually, I ended up on the bench."

"Then De Mos came back into my life. Anderlecht had already tried transfering me twice, so this was the third time."

Bosman played 30 games for PSV and scored 11 times. He won 1 title.

RSC Anderlecht ('91 - '96)

Bosman: "I always loved Anderlecht. The club was like Ajax in Holland. When De Mos left, he was replaced by Johan Boskamp and that was great. I had a good relationship with him. He was always clear about his intentions and he gave 'no nonsense-trainings'. He gave his players a good feeling."

"My best year was in 1994. We took the title and the cup. One season later, I ended up on the bench. There were too many good strikers, the competition was hard. I couldn't sleep at night, but luckily I had my revenche one year later. When my contract ended, the club offered me a new contract for one year. Take it or leave it, they said. So I left the club."

"I had a few good years in Anderlecht, but I missed the team-spirit. The pressure was too high. Hautain and classy. That's my opinion about Anderlecht. After winning a title, we went to a fancy restaurant with 2 Michelin stars. But we didn't ask for all that. We prefered a tour through the city to celebrate with the fans."

Bosman played 156 games for Anderlecht and scored 71 times. He won 3 titles and 1 cup.

FC Twente ('96 - '99)

Bosman: "I had a good time there, playing under Hans Meyer. We ended third in my first season there, but missed the Bourgondian lifestyle of Anderlecht.

The atmosphere was great. I was appreciated and felt well. That was what I was looking for. I was a Dutch international, but no one seemed to care about that. After three years the best players left and the dream was over. They wanted me to become youth trainer, but I refused."

Bosman played 87 games for Twente and scored 34 times.

AZ Alkmaar ('99 - '02)

Bosman: "AZ was logical choice. A club with ambition and a special atmosphere. I replaced Willem van Hanegem and scored 18 goals. Together with Gerard van der Lem we led AZ to the 7th place."

"I had a good carreer and the fans honoured me during my last game. I scored 251 goals in total. But the death of my son Devin cast a shadow over my carreer. We could talk about that, but it's too hard. Football has been my life for 20 years. But when a terrible thing like the death of your own son happens, you question everything. Your personal life is the most important after all. It's a comfort that the whole football world supported me. The minute of silence in Feyenoord was impressive. By ending my carreer, I started thinking more of life after death..."

Bosman played 63 games for AZ and scored 24 times.