Vandenboer, Fritz Stats

Between 1953 and 1956, Anderlecht won three titles. But then Jef Mermans left and the Mauves had to wait for a few years on a new title. In the season of 1958-1959, Fritz Vandenboer joined the club. He soon became Anderlecht's best striker. Though he almost missed his debute, because he lost his way in the Belgian capital. Because of his hard shot, he was nicknamed "Blitz Fritz". After an injury at his spinal court, he was forced to leave the club. He played a few good games for Sint-Truiden, but was never able to perform at the same high level again.

His first game for Anderlecht almost ended in a disaster. The Mauves were invited to play a game against Juventus (with Boniperti, Sivori, John Charles) for the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Leopold Club Brussels. Eugène Steppé tells the story:" I made an agreement with Fritz that day. He was going to come to the Heysel to play that game. But the guy had never been in Brussels before. He arrived in Brussels by train and felt completely lost. He searched for a bus to bring him to the other side of the city. Half an hour before the kick-off, I saw him running down the street towards the stadium. The other players were already warming up and I was very nervous because I had organised his transfer. When I saw him play in the province of Limburg, I was impressed. I had to do a lot of trouble to bring him to Anderlecht while also Waterschei and Beringen were interested. Not a single member of our own direction board was convinced that he was a good buy. So you can imagine how nervous I was. I feared he wouldn't show up. While Fritz was still getting dressing, I ordered trainer Bill Gormlie to put Fritz in the starting line-up. A few minutes after the kick-off, Fritz already scored with a hard shot. Sporting would easily win the match: 4-1. That guy never met one of his future team mates before. He didn't have a chance to warm up, but he scored with ease. Fantastic!"