Emmers, Marc Stats

Marc Emmers started his carreer in VV Hamont. Soon, he left for Thor Waterschei. He made his debute in the highest division in the season 1983-1984.When Waterschei relegated, Marc went to KV Mechelen, a European top club in those days. In his first season for his new club, he won the European Cup Winners' Cup. One year later, he triumphed again by winning the Belgian title. In 1989 he was elected as Best Professional Football Player of the Year.In the early 90s, many players from KV Mechelen left the club for Anderlecht. But Emmers remained in Mechelen until 1992, when he finally followed the example of several of his former team mates. In Brussels, he won three successive titles in a team with Bosman, Rutjes and Boffin. In 1994, he added a Belgian Cup to his honour list.In the season 1995-1996, his glory days were over. He stayed on Anderlecht's bench and finally left in 1997 for the Italian Perugia. He ended his carreer in Lugano in 1999.Emmers collected 37 A-Caps for the national team. In those games, he scored twice.