Plaskie, Jean Stats

Jean Plaskie arrived in Anderlecht as an offensive midfielder, but the trainers soon noticed that it wasn't his best position. Because he ended with the reserves, he soon asked for a transfer. Sporting agreed, but the player stayed anyway. And when he had to replace Martin Lippens as a central defender, it turned out to be a huge success.

Plaskie worked hard, had a good header and formed a perfect duo with Laurent Verbiest. That way, he soon made it to the national team (33 selections). Though between '64 and '71, his relationship with the club was tense. After a dispute with Pierre Hanon after the game against Dukla Prague, both players had to explain themselves to the direction board. The board agreed with Hanon and Plaskie was suspended. At the end of the season, an angry Plaskie announced that he would leave, just like Johan Devrindt. The club announced they didn't count on the services of the two players anymore. But in the end, both sides came to an agreement and everything stayed calm until the season of '68-'69. A dispute about a huge amount of money between Plaskie and the club led to another crisis.

This time, there was no communication between both sides for 18 months. Then Constant Vanden Stock and Georges Denil intervened. The result were four more selections for the national team, where trainer Raymond Goethals regained confidence in Plaskie. He ended his carreer in the season '71-'72 under trainer Kessler after a heavy defeat against Standard and a serious foot injury.