Roos, Charles

The founder of Sporting Club Anderlecht. He led the club between May 27 1908, until 2010 after the first season of the Mauves. The club became a member of the 'Union Belges des Sociétés de Sports Athlétiques'. When he started as a chairman, he has to ask his 13 colleagues (Maurice Kelchtermans, Anatole and Camille de Cuyper, Antoine and Emile Suys, Emile Dietens, Henri Roos, Leopold Hames, Paul Arnold, Guillaume Vandenhoof, Edgard Deboeck, Jean Schneider and Gaston Versé) for money to be able to buy a ball. When he quit his job as chairman in 1910, Theo Verbeeck took over. Roos made things more easy for Verbeeck, because thanks to him, Emile Versé invested in the club. That way, they owned its own football field at the Verheyden street. On that field, Anderlecht's first stars played. Pietje Destrebecq for example, who came from Union and played for the national team. The club also had a honour-chairman in those days, namely knight Albéric le Clément de Saint-Marq. In 1912, Emile Versé occupied that position.