Van den Bosch, Hippolyte

It doesn't happen a lot then when a player leaves the club, he can come back later. A few times, Anderlecht made a huge effort to bring a player back that had been sold earlier. One of those players was Hippolyte Van den Bosch in the 50s. Other examples were Jacky Stockman, Michel De Groote, Juan Lozano, Georges Grün, Bertrand Crasson, Filip De Wilde and Pär Zetterberg.

In '48, Anderlecht exchanged Polyte for Arsène Vaillant, who was playing for White Star. Van den Bosch, who had been playing as a striker next to Mermans, wasn't happy about that transfer to the smaller club of White Star. He thought his carreer was over. But he was wrong, because this meant a new start for him. In '53, Sporting brought him back to replace Mermans, while Van den Bosch kept on scoring for White Star.

It was a good move. Polyte scored 29 goals that season and became Belgium's best striker, beating Mermans and Rik Coppens. With his return to Anderlecht, he was also selected for the national team for the first time. After his career, he became youth trainer and assistant trainer. In '72-'73, he replaced Kessler as trainer and won the Belgian Cup.